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Studying in Lund

Well done for choosing Lund as your place of study. On the following pages we hope to be able to answer most of your questions and give you useful information on what life is like in Lund.

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Contact us

The City of Lund has multiple addresses within central Lund. Here you can find the municipality's central contact details.

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Visit Lund

Lund is a fantastic blend of a modern city full of innovations and a thousand years of culture and history. Welcome to discovering Lund!

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Live in Lund

We support employers in the southern region of Sweden in attracting and retaining international talent by providing helpful information and arranging relevant activities.

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Meet in Lund

We provide professional advice when you want to arrange a meeting in Lund. All of our services are free of charge.

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Business in Lund

Home of world-leading research and top international companies. Lund is just an ordinary small town – with extraordinary business opportunities.