Welcome to Polhemskolan in Lund.

Polhemskolan is Lund's largest upper secondary school. More than 2400 pupils and 250 staff members join us every day for studies and work.

We are proud to offer the followingfive national programmes:
- Business Management and Economics Programme
- Natural Sciences
- Social Sciences
- Technology
- Handicraft programme- hairdresser

In addition, we offer specialist programmesinPhysics, Mathematicsand Hippology within the Natural science programme. The Physicsand mathematics programmes work closely withthe University of Lund. For the equine studies (hippology) we cooperate with Flyinge, one of the world’s oldest active National studs dating back to the 12th century.



Besöksadress: Trollebergsvägen 41, Lund
Telefon reception: 046-359 73 10

Öppettider reception: vardagar 08–15