Swedish for Immigrants

Sfi – Swedish for immigrants at Komvux

Sfi consists of three study paths

  • Sfi 1 – for those with short or no school education from their home country.  
  • This study path consists of courses A – D.
  • Sfi 2 – for those with 5-11 years of studies from their home country.
    This study path consists of courses B – D.
  • Sfi 3 – for those with more than 12 years of studies in their home country.
    All students start i course D (courses C and D are merged into one course)

Useful information
All courses run continuously with individualized starting date for students.

When you apply to sfi Komvux, you need to choose a study form. If you wish to change to another study form later, you can do so at Komvux.

You do not have to buy your own course literature:

  • if your course uses a printed book, you may borrow it
  • if your course uses digital material, it is free, but you will need access to a computer in order to use it.

All instructions and lessons are in Swedish and you do not need to know any other particular language to participate.

When you apply to sfi, you will get help placing you on the right level.

Some periods many people apply to our courses. The time you need to wait may therefore vary between some weeks to more than three months. Make sure you apply well in time before you wish to start!