Swedish for Immigrants

Course dates 2017

Daytime courses:

January 9 - June 22
June 27 - August 11 (Summercourse, not applicable)
August 15 - December 22

Evening courses:

January 24 - June 1
August 29 - December 7

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) consists of three levels. The courses provide you with a basic knowledge of the Swedish language.

You need to have a Swedish personal identity number or coordination number and be at least 16 years old to study SFI. You may combine SFI studies with other types of studies.

You appliy online and when you have been enrolled, you will recieve a letter or email with information about the start date of your course.

SFI 1  
Daytime: 15 hours a week
Evenings: 5 hours a week. Only course C and D.
SFI 1 (courses A - D) is for students with limited or no education. The courses teach Swedish for everyday situations.

Daytime: 15 hours a week
Evenings: 5 hours a week

SFI 2 (courses B - D) is for students within 5-11 years of education from their homaland. Students learn to speak, read and write in Swedish for everyday situations and working life.

SFI 3 
Daytime: 15 hours a week
Evenings: 5 hours a week

SFI 3 is for the students who has 12 years of education or more from their homeland. Students learn to speak and understand everyday language. Students also learn how to read and write different types of texts and how to express themselves in speech and writing. 

All students start on course D. Course C and D are merged.


Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 11.30
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 12.30 - 15.45
Wednesday: 12.00 - 14.00

Tuesday and Thursday 17.30 - 20.00

Faktaansvarig: Komvux


Komvux i Lund

Besöksadress: Gastelyckan, Glimmervägen 12, 224 78 Lund
Telefon (växel): 046-359 71 00
Komvux fax: 046-211 07 08

Receptionens öppettider:
måndag–fredag8.15-9.45, 11.15-12.30, 13.15-14.15
tisdag 17–18

Telefontid: måndag–fredag 10.1511.15
Telefontid SFI: måndag–fredag 10.15–11.15

Elev som ska sjukanmäla sig gör detta direkt till respektive lärare.

Lunds kommun

046-359 50 00

Öppettider för medborgarcenter
Måndag–torsdag: kl. 08–17
Fredag: kl. 08–16
Dag före röd dag: kl. 08–15



Glimmervägen 12
224 78 Lund

046-359 71 00

Öppettider för Komvux reception:

Måndag–fredag: 8.15-9.45, 11.15-12.30, 13.15-14.15
Tisdag: 17.00–18.00


Måndag-fredag: 10.15–11.15

Telefontid SFI:


Elev som ska sjukanmäla sig gör detta direkt till respektive lärare.

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