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Mission and Vision of the IB Diploma Programme of Katedralskolan

The mission of the IB Diploma Programme at Katedralskolan is to encourage the development of active lifelong learners who think and act as socially responsible citizens of a global community.

The IB Diploma Programme at Katedralskolan is committed to creating an environment of equal opportunities that promotes understanding and respect and should encourage the students in local as well as global awareness. The years spent at Katedralskolan should enable the students to develop in positive ways, both academically and as persons.

With support from the IB curricula, students should be enabled to achieve qualifications by developing a range of skills and competences. Our vision is an outlook in which our students are “characterized by an openness to and engagement with the world. They are internationally minded individuals that are curious and knowledgeable about their community, culture and world and have an understanding not only what makes them different, but also of what we have in common. While they have a rich sense of their own identity, they show empathy and understanding for people from different cultures and a genuine interest in learning from them. They also have the skills to engage in cross-cultural dialogue and to work effectively with others to achieve shared goals. Sensitive to our common humanity, they wish to make a difference and have the courage to take action to improve the world” (Adapted fromRichard van de Lagemaat, 2010)

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