Vocational programs

The vocational programs are foremost to prepare you for working life or Higher Vocational Education. The vocational programs at Vipan are:

  • Child-care and Leisure Programme (Barn- och fritidsprogrammet)
  • Building and Construction Programme (Bygg- och anläggningsprogrammet)

Part of the Building Programme SYD

  • Electricity and Energy Programme (El- och energiprogrammet)
    Part of the Building Programme SYD
  • Four-year Programmes - Upper Secondary School for pupils with learning disabilities (Fyraåriga programmen – Gymnasiesärskola)

For students that have finished Compulsory school for children with learning disabilities or Compulsory school for children with severe learning disabilities


  • Retailing and Administration Programme (Handels- och administrationsprogrammet)
  • Hotel and Tourism Programme (Hotell- och turismprogrammet)
  • Introduction Programme (Introduktionsprogram)
    for students that are not eligible for upper secondary school
    Preparatory Programme (Preparandutbildning)
    • Programme-specific individual choice (Programinriktade individuellt val)
    • Vocational training (Yrkesintroduktion)
    • Individual option (Individuellt alternativ)
  • Restaurant and Food Programme (Restaurang- och livsmedelsprogrammet)
  • HVAC and Property Programme (VVS- och fastighetsprogrammet)
    Part of the Building Programme SYD
  • Health and Social Care Programme (Vård- och omsorgsprogrammet)

Read about the curriculum for the programmes on The Swedish National Agency for Education.