We value knowledge, the individual and the world around us

The management team at Vipan wants:

  • The school districts to form ONE upper secondary school, where every student feels safe and welcome.
  • Knowledge and learning to be characterized by a holistic approach.
  • Contacts with the wider world and the programmes’ focus areas should shape the school’s development.

The guiding star of Vipan

We aim to help every student reach their fullest potential as a person and member of society.

The objectives of Vipan

At Vipan we have a positive and constructive approach towards every individual, students and staff alike. All the pedagogical staff have skills in special educational needs, therefore can support every student in achieving higher goals.

We have high standards in regards to the teachers’ didactical skills and subject-specific knowledge. We have a holistic approach to knowledge. The entire school day is planned from a pedagogical perspective. The school day therefore offers opportunity for learning, both during classes and outside the classrooms.

Our ambition at Vipan is that every individual feels motivated and happy at school. The student receives professional guidance to achieve better knowledge results and their fullest potential. At Vipan, we don’t shy away from difficulties, rather we identify and deal with challenges and provide our students with important life tools.

Vipan is a proud vocational school with final year students highly sought by businesses. The professional qualifications of our students are at the forefront and the world around us have noticed and understood the depth and breadth of the professional knowledge at Vipan. We are highly attuned to global and local changes and adapt the content and form of our operations to meet new standards.

We embrace and take advantage of new research. We are a learning school that make use of, share and develop from each other’s knowledge and skills. Both staff and students take great responsibilities in their own development. We are not afraid of failures, rather have the courage to try and experiment.

Good comradeship, friendship, seeing and cherishing the strength in differences are natural qualities at Vipan.