New comprehensive plan

How would you like the future of Lund to be?

If Lund continues to grow at its present rate, we may have close to 160,000 inhabitants by 2035, compared with 120,000 today. How can we make a city that is densely populated and yet filled with green spaces? How do we create a Lund with a wide appeal? And how should we get around if our commute gets longer and longer? How do you want your home, work and life to be in Lund?

A growing Lund

As part of an expansive region, Lund is able to take on a leading role in the region’s development. Lund Municipality shall meet the growing populace’s need for housing and workplaces and take responsibility for ensuring the growth is balanced and sustainable, with a varied housing market and even better development opportunities for trade and industry.

In Lund Municipality, the urban districts shall in the first instance grow by means of densification in areas close to public transport so as to ensure accessibility and sustainable development. Lund shall become a growing city.


  • In Lund municipality, the potential for 1,200 new homes each year shall be realised. The housing market shall meet the needs of both the present and future populace’s needs and wishes.
  • Lund Municipality shall primarily grow via densification in a cohesive and resource-efficient development structure.
  • Lund shall take on the role of regional catalyst with innovation and knowledge-driven industry at the fore, and meet the needs of a multifaceted economy.

A green Lund

Lund shall be a pioneer and role model in sustainable urban development and work actively with the economising of earth’s resources via more efficient consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Lund shall continue to be a leader in sustainable mobility by creating more effective and sustainable transport systems and by focusing even more on the development of public transportation in its planning, as well as better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Lund shall become a greener municipality in which the green and blue structures are developed in order to meet expected climate changes whilst simultaneously increasing recreational values and biodiversity. Lund shall become a green city.


  • Lund Municipality shall reduce its climate impact, and its greenhouse gas emissions shall continuously decrease, with a view to being close to zero by 2050.
  • All increases in traffic in Lund shall be in terms of pedestrians, cyclists or public transport.
  • The quantity and quality of the blue-green infrastructure with regard to recreational and ecological values shall increase in the municipality’s urban districts and in rural areas.

A living Lund, close at hand

For those living in, working in or visiting the municipality, Lund should be an open, attractive and creative location, the obvious arena for transnational meetings and contact. Lund shall build on its opportunities to create unique blends of history and innovation, and Lund centre shall continue to develop as a lively, surprising and interesting location.

As Lund grows, it is important that social sustainable urban environments are designed to suit the diversity of people living there. Good living conditions for a heterogeneous population shall be created through close proximity and access to green environments, service and natural forums. Participation and influence will be a given, and a natural part of everyday life as an inhabitant of the city. Lund shall be a living city, close at hand.


  • Lund Municipality shall be an attractive city in all regards; a place where all inhabitants can have a sense of belonging, participation and pride in living in the municipality.
  • Architectural and cultural heritage shall be safeguarded and developed, whilst at the same time new value is created in order to strengthen Lund’s identity.
  • Lund’s city centre shall be the obvious meeting arena for all of the municipality’s inhabitants, and its uniqueness as an exciting place to live, work and visit shall be enhanced.

New comprehensive plan!

Lund is growing. What is the best way for it to grow? This is one of the issues that Lund’s new comprehensive plan shall address. The comprehensive plan is the municipality’s long-term strategic vision document and the time horizon is 2035. Growing entails many challenges, but Lund has many fantastic assets and opportunities to develop into an even better municipality to live and work in.

In a comprehensive plan, the municipality proposes how the land, water and the existing urban environment should be used, preserved and developed in the long term. The comprehensive plan should also provide a good overview of the plan to change overall structures and clarify the vision for future development.

Voice your opinion on the proposal

Now is the time to submit comments on the proposal for a new comprehensive plan. The deadline is 30 November.

This was a very brief summary of the proposal for the new comprehensive plan. You can read the full proposal in Swedish at and in Lund’s libraries and citizens’ advice offices.

You can submit viewpoints digitally.You can also write to or Stadsbyggnadskontoret, Box 41, 221 00 Lund. Write “Översiktsplan” in the subject field or on the envelope.


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