Park your bike

Park your bike in a bike rack or use our enclosed bike garage. Remember, a parked bike quickly turns into an obstacle for pedestrians and people with special needs if parked in the wrong way.  

We are currently working on setting up more bike racks close to the central station in Lund. Bikes parked in the wrong place can be marked as such and even romved if needed. 

Are you a commuter to and from Lund? Your jojo-card gives you access to the bike park at the station!

Bicycle parking at bus stops for regional busses

For a smooth commute on your behalf, we have set up so called bike'n'ride-stations in Lund, Dalby, Södra Sandby, Veberöd, and Genarp. These parking areas for bikes are of high quality - stable racks to lock your bike on to a roof to cover - close to bus stops for regional buses.


Streets and traffic

Technical Services Department

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