Bicycle tyre inflator in the city centre

If you need to inflate the tyres of your bike, pram or stroller, wheelchair or walking frame you are welcome to do so at the municipality's public bicycle tyre inflators.  

They can be found here:

  • Magistratsvägen, bike park at the turning area of the bus
  • Crossroads of Sölvegatan John Ericsons väg, bus stop Kårhuset
  • Sölvegatan, bus stop Ideon
  • Lund's central station, Västra stationstorget
  • Lund's central station, Bangatan, south of the main building
  • Stortorget, opposite Kungsgatan
  • Dalbyvägen, bus stop Jupitergatan
  • Crossroads Malmövägen Ringvägen, south of Mejeriet

Should the bicycle tyre inflator not work, please call the following number: 046-355108


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Visitors address: Brotorget 1, Lund
Telephone: 046 - 359 75 00
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