Emergency support and help

In urgent cases of accidents, fire or life-threatening illness, call SOS Alarm on number 112. It is the same number throughout Sweden and it is the same number regardless of whether you call from a landline or mobile.

Emergency or life-threatening illness - call 112

Urgent social problems, acute sheltered housing

The Social Services on-call unit handles emergency social issues when the rest of Social Services are closed.

Social Services on call-unit

Streets, roads and parks

On call-number: 046-359 59 00

When the contact center is closed, Markentreprenad, part of the service administration, is on call 24 hours a day, all year round, for urgent matters concerning roads, streets and cycle paths. 

Weekdays, office hours: The municipality's contact center can recieve error reports during office hours. Call them at 046-359 50 00.

Water and plumbing

In case of emergency stops, drains, leaks and floods, contact VA Syd

Phone: 040-635 10 00

When it is less urgent

Report less urgent problems

Here you can report problems that are not urgent, for example report broken street lighting.

Report a problem