Student life

Lund’s student life is unique. The combination of nations, students’ unions and the Academic Society (Akademiska Föreningen - AF) is not only one of a kind, it is one of the strongest reasons why new students flock to Lund every semester. A membership of Studentlund gives you access to everything that makes Lund such a fantastic city in which to study.

The student life gives you many opportunities for personal development and enables you to gain valuable knowledge and experiences outside the lecture theatre.

Membership of Studentlund gives you access to everything from cheap accommodation to good food, fun nightclubs, interesting talks, exciting media, guaranteed monitoring of education, entertaining theatre, considerable student influence within the University, municipality and region, and lots of grants and student discounts. 

The vast majority of the student organisations’ activities will only be available to Studentlund members. Please visit Studentlund’s website and sign up for registration and more information. See link below for more information.