Student housing

It is popular to live in Lund and the population grows steadily every year. Finding housing in Lund can be a challenge, especially at the start of the semester. Take a look at our suggestions, be patient, and search for accommodation in several different places.

A lot of homes are being built in Lund, however, simultaneously there is a high demand. We have listed a number of student housing providers. Our best advice is to start applying for accommodation as soon as you have been accepted. Do not have overly specific requirements when you start applying - it can take some time to get the housing you really want.

In Lund, there are about 9 000 student housing units.
Lund University has collected information about housing companies and housing agencies that are aimed for students. There you can also read about housing that is procured via AF Bostäder and the different nations in Lund.

Lund University's accommodation pages

If you are planning to stay in Lund for a longer period, you can join the municipal housing queue.

Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB (LKF) is a housing agency run by Lund University's student unions, LUS, with support from Lund municipality, Lund University and AF Bostäder. You can contact if you are looking for housing, or if you have a bed, sofa, or a guest room for rent. Once you have obtained a home, you must also be registered in Lund (see Population Register further down this page).

Visit BoPoolen’s website

The Population Register

When you relocate to a new city, you have a lot to gain from registering in the new municipality. The most important reason is that by law you must be registered where you live. You must be 18 years of age, have recently moved to Lund municipality, and intend to live here for six months or longer. There are several other reasons why it is important to register where you live:

  • Private insurance. When you have your own home, it is important to have your own insurance. To be able to sign up for your own home insurance, you must be registered in Lund.
  • Applicable for housing allowance. Many students are entitled to housing allowance, however, only in the place where one is registered.

Read more about housing allowance on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's website

  •   Postage arrives at the correct address. If you register in Lund, your post will arrive at the correct address, additionally, your address will automatically change with many organizations and authorities.
  • If you have children, you can receive help from the municipality with childcare, but only if you are registered in Lund.

Apart from this, you are eligible to vote in Lund in the next general election and make a difference to Lund's future.

The Swedish Tax Agency's information about student relocation and how to register for the Population Register