Spyken offers four programmes: Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

At Spyken we also have:

  • a specialized education in the Arts Programme in music with orientation towards pop, rock and jazz
  • a specialized Natural Science option called Natural Science – Music
  • an Art and Design orientation as part of the Natural Science Programme
  • There is also a possibility to choose an English profile, as part of the Humanities and Social Sciences Programme.

Regardless of what programme you choose, you will have dedicated teachers, nice class mates and an inspiring study environment. The school ensures the highest quality of education, with good connections to the business sector and Lund University, as well as a rich partnership with schools abroad.


Courses for individual choice

At Spyken, we have a broad variety of courses available for individual choice. Some of the courses have prerequisites. Most of the courses are offered to student groups from both second and third year.

 A course can only start if enough students have applied for it. If there are more applicants that course places, we select students by drawing lots.

Those who meet the requirements for mother tongue tuition, can from year 1 start taking classes in the subject.

Do you want to know more about Spyken?

You are welcome to contact our guidance counsellors.

  • Helene Hogan (Arts and Natural Sciences)
    Phone: 046-359 78 09
  • Petra Manhammar (Humanities and Social Sciences)
    Phone: 046-359 77 57

If you have general questions about the Swedish public school system, read more on:

Swedish National Agency for Education.


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