To be a student at Polhemskolan

If you choose Polhemskolan, your first days at the school will likely be a bit confusing. It is easy to get lost in the zig-zagy corridors that connect charming buildings rich in tradition with light and contemporary spaces.

Lund’s largest meeting place for youth

You will without doubt feel Polhem’s cool atmosphere straightaway. During the longer breaks, the cafeteria, courtyard lawn and other meeting places are packed with people, marking the spaces with an intensity, yet a relaxed and positive energy. There is a constant buzz of voices across the entire school, emanating from the discussions that start as classes end.

More than 2500 people spend their days and a couple evenings in this miniature society at the heart of Lund. Student surveys show that students feel safe in this open atmosphere. The many different programmes bring a nice variety of people to the school. We have all the styles represented, and in all likelihood yours as well. The constant meeting of new and exciting people has become part of the school’s spirit.

Perhaps, it is these meetings that make Polhemskolan famous for its many interesting and fun leisure activities. The yearly Pex (school performances) is just one of the many highlights of activities that the students engage in. Additionally, the dedicated teaching staff is characterized by meetings. At Polhem, we collaborate across classes, and we highly cherish innovation and student democracy. And most importantly, at the centre of this melting pot is the individual student’s abilities to shape their own future.

We hope that you want to do it together with us!