About Polhemskolan

Polhemskolan is Lund's largest upper secondary school, with all the benefits that a large school can offer. Everyday more than 2400 pupils gather to study the wide variety of courses and subjects on offer. Pupils can choose between the five national programmes available, with most programmes offering a number of divergent paths with a unique focus. The wide range of optional courses on offer within the 'individual choice' segment of the course programmes, including many foreign languages at various levels, allows pupils to specialize or broaden the scope of their education. In addition, Polhemskolan is one of Sweden's largest school of sporting excellence.

We offer pupils a high quality education in modern and well-equipped classrooms. Teaching staff are organised in teams around pupils allowing us to combine the resources afforded by larger schools, whilst maintaining the benefits of a close pupil-teacher relationship that smaller schools can provide.

The team approach makes it possible for the teaching staff to paint a complete picture enabling pupils to see and understand the context of the knowledge they gain. We believe this method allows us to give pupils the best possible conditions for learning and enjoyment of their school years. Staff with special competence are available within the Växthuset (greenhouse) for pupils who need extra help with their studies.

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Besöksadress: Trollebergsvägen 41, Lund
Telefon reception: 046-359 73 10

Öppettider reception: vardagar 08–15

City of Lund

Switchboard: +46 46 359 50 00

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Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 4pm
Day before public holiday 8am - 3pm

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