Region Skåne supports International Citizen Hub Lund

November 29, 2017

The Region Skåne committee of regional development (Region Skånes regionala utvecklingsnämnd) has granted International Citizen Hub long-term financing over a three year period, starting 2018. Motivation for this decision is based on the positive development and the need for a physical organization to support international expertise recruited to the region in respect to the proposed efforts within the TITA-project.

“I am overjoyed that Region Skåne has recognized the need to develop further an organization to support retention and attraction of specialized competence recruited to the area. This financing enables us to open the door further to companies that are in need of attracting talent and keeping this talent in place for more growth and development within the region”, says Lisa Andersson, Talent Attraction Developer at International Citizen Hub Lund.

”Region Skåne acknowledge that the International Citizen Hub is important for the regional development of Skåne in general, and specifically related to the possibilities for Skåne to reap the rewards that research facilities such as ESS and MAX IV may bring to the region.” says Eskil Mårtensson at the department of regional development, Region Skåne.