The new

November 23, 2016

We are rebuilding the City of Lund's website to be able to provide the citizens of Lund with better service. Join in!

Service when it suits you

the main reason to rebuild the website is to make more userfriendly and functional. We have built plenty of new e-services with the intend to make it much easier for the citizens of Lund to register, follow and solve their errands.

> E-services awaiting you.

Use your mobile or tablet to surf

Finally, is readable and usable on your mobile device. This means you can reach and read all pages of the website no matter which device you choose to use when surfing to, computer, mobile, tablet alike. 

A first step forward

The decision to make thses changes is based on a decision from the City Council. The management plan for 2016 gave the City Office the task to further develop within the existing budgetary framework. This is a first step in this process. It is groundbreaking for further development in order to modernise communciation with citizens, business represantives, visitors, and media.

Help us get better

We will continue to work with and more pages, pictures and features will come to see the light of day shortly. 

However, we could really use your help: find the mistakes! Links that do not work or send you somewhere quite irreleant to what you were looking for. Pages that seem odd. Texts that are completely and entirely incomprehensible. Maybe you miss something or find a mistake? 

If you do, please send an e-mail to us:

We will the sort it all out.

Thank you for your help.