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Contact information to the school healthteam


If you wish to talk to somebody about problems of a practical, financial or personal nature, you may contact the school counsellors. Your discussion is strictly confidential.

Counsellor for SA, HU, LiP, HiP och EK students

Camilla Håkansson (HNC)

046-359 76 28

Counsellor for NA, PDP och DP students

Rosebritt Hesslekrans (ROS)

046-359 76 22

Counsellor (Substitute)

Mathilda Charlotta Karell

046 -359 76 07

The career advisor helps you with your study situation and your choices during and after upper secondary school period.

Study and Career Advisor for SA, HiP, HU och LiP students

Kristina Hallqvist (HAL)

046-359 76 29

Study and Career Advisor for NA students


Study and Career Advisor for IB och EK students

Johanna Olsson (OLJ)

046-359 76 53

All students in high school are offered a healthappointment as well as a doctors appointment during their time at high school. You may also book an appointment with the school nurse for consultation. Your discussion is strictly confidential.

School Nurse for NA, IB students 

Ulla Stenfors Virenfeldt (STU)

046-359 76 27

School Nurse for SA, EK, HiP, LiP och HU students

Ylva Gårdemark

046-359 76 43 

School Priest

Jonas Persson

046-35 87 45

Mobile: 0729-85 02 91



Besöksadress: Stora Södergatan 22, Lund
Telefon expeditionen: 046-359 76 10

Öppettider: 08–15
Begränsade öppettider under lovdagar.

City of Lund

Switchboard: +46 46 359 50 00

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Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 4pm
Day before public holiday 8am - 3pm

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