Parents' meeting for year 1

August 23, 2019

Guardians of students in year 1

For us is keeping contact with homes is very important. We invite you to a first parents' meeting as early as September. At the meeting each school leader will inform you about the school and overall program. Thereafter, the various mentors will gather parents from each class / mentor group in a classroom.

Tuesday, September 3
17.30 Pre Diploma Programme, PDP (Preparation year for International Baccalaureate) (Gallery Seating Room on the first floor in the main building)
17.30 Economics Programme, EC (Aulan)

Wednesday, September 4th
17.30 Science Programme, NA (Aulan)

Thursday, September 5
17.30 Social Science Programme, SA (Aulan)
17.30 History Programme (Excellence in History), HiP (Aulan)