Skola24 for Guardians

Skola24 is a report system used by Katedralskolan to manage absence.

As of autumn 2018, you log in as a guardian into Skola24 using the Bank ID. When you log in for the first time, it is important that you enter / update your email address. You do this in the left column under the heading Settings -> My settings. Click "Change email address".

See also information and instructions in the attached file below.

Link for login with the help of Bank-ID can be found at Skolportalen


In Skola24 you can:

• Get a list of contact information for the student's teacher.

• Get a class list.

• Get an overview of student and report absence .

• Get information by email about the student's absence.


If someone other than the custodian needs access to Skola24, contact the principal for each program.

The guardian's account is automatically closed by the day the student turns 18.

If the student gets sick during the school day and must go home or need to be away part of the day due to, a doctor's visit, for example, you should register absence yourself in Skola24. Register the absence as part of the day: date and between what time the student will be absent. For this reason, you choose "Approved absent leave"/"Anmäld frånvaro". If you have any questions regarding the absence management, please contact your mentor or the reception.