Katte's Feministgroup

Katedralskolan’s feminist group is a politically independent group which was established in 2014, and promotes equality in the school.

Together, we work against the normalization of systemic discrimination and injustice — both in- and outside of school — through educating, informing, and starting conversations. It is important to us that everyone receives equal treatment and opportunities, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, ethnicity, ability, or sexual orientation.

We welcome everyone to meetings, workshops, events — and open discussions concerning everything surrounding feminism!


If you need to contact the group or its leaders, please email us on:

You can find us on:
Facebook: Kattes feministgrupp
Instagram: Kattesfeministgrupp
E-mail: feministgruppen.katte@gmail.com


Lovisa Kristoffersson:

E-mail: elvirakristoffersson@hotmail.com

Ellen Bengtsson

E-mail: ellenbengtsson22@gmail.com


Everyone is welcome

Kattes feminist grupp