Notification of Sickness and Skola24

The notification of sickness is compulsory and must be made by telephone 0515-77 76 11 before 12:00 on the first day of sickness, and for every subsequent day. For voicemail in English please call 0515-869 28

The sick report can only be made for one day at a time and applies throughout the day. If the notification is made after 12:00, the absence will be registered for the following day. Once the registration is complete, a confirmation will come. If you hang up the handset, the absence is cancelled.

A student who, due to illness or for any other reason, has to leave school during the school day has to report on Skola24. The student logs in via a link in the school portal. If, for any reasons, a student must be away for part of the day, for example a doctor's appointment, the student must in advance register in Skola24.


If you need help, contact your mentor or the reception.