Digital Study Plans

Your study plan

During your studies at Katedralskolan you can log in and take part of your digital  study plans, grades, individual choices and program in-depth courses .

You use the login information you received in year 1 during the entire study period. When you have received a grade in a course you can go out on your digital study plan and see the grade.

The school's career and study advisor will also use the digital study plan to confirm which choices you have made for the coming academic year.

Click on the link "Digital Study Plans" and select "Client procapita", enter your user name and password. Then click on the "Study Plan" tab.

Contact your study and career advisor if you have any problems.

Kristina Hallqvist

046-359 76 29

SA, HiP, HU, LiP

Johanna Olsson

046-359 76 53


Eva Johnsson Hemberg

046-359 76 30