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Here you will find links and answers to your questions about the IB Diploma Program.


Is it difficult because all lessons are in English?

After just a few weeks in the PDP students feel secure in their use of the English language .


Do IB Diploma students really speak English outside the classroom?

Yes, some do. Many of the students at IB Diploma do not speak Swedish, those who are native speakers and find it easier to communicate in English.


Are you entrance exams in math and English difficult?

The entrance/admissions exams are based solely on basic knowledge from the elementary school.


How does the rating scale work?

The grade scale at the IB Diploma is between 1 and 7 which means that you can get up to 42 points (6 subjects x 7 points). The ratings from Extended Essay and TOK can be combined and generate between 0-3 bonus points. This gives a maximum of 45 points.


Is the IB Diploma program much more difficult than a regular national programme?

Just like any other programme, you work hard for your grades, so is the case for the IB Diploma programme also.


I'm scared of exams, what happens if I don't make it?

The risk is very small. In IBDP1, all students undergo a hectic period called "mini-mocks". The purpose is to give the students an insight into what a test period is. During "mini-mocks" the students have tests in all their subjects for two weeks. I IBDP2 sees all the "ridiculous exams" and a week that is just a sample organized to prepare students for the real exam. Playful exams take place in the hall. In addition, you have done 20-25% of your degree during the semesters in "Internal assessments". From mock exams onwards, most lessons focused on repetition. This corresponds to approximately 3 months of rehearsal within the real investigation. If a visa now shows that you are dissatisfied with your grade, you can always do up to two re-exams.


Why do I have to do CAS?

IBDP is not only a programme designed for students to develop academically but also as an individual. Therefore, more than academic activities are required.


Will the IB Diploma programme help me if I want to study abroad?

Yes, it absolutely does. Since the IB Diploma Programme is an internationally recognized education  many universities admit  IB Diploma students on the same requirements as domestic students. Not only do you get an education in English but you can also study in a system similar to the systems in the US and the UK.