NA - Natural Science Programme

Profile classes in the natural science programme like the Science and Global Health profiles are not different from other profile classes at Katedralskolan. The study pretty much the same subject/courses the same number of hours. The profiles follow the Natural Science (often called "Natur-Natur") plan and you get the same access, regardless of whether you read in profile class or not. The only difference is the way you study. Read more about the profiles in our catalogue to see if any of them will suit you!

In the application form below  you choose whether you want to go in a profile class or not. You do not do that in your upper secondary application but in a different application form. The application time primarily open until April 15. Those who have chosen a profile within that application period will receive an initial notice no later than 9/5 which either says they will be placed in the chosen profile class or that you are on the waiting list. This presumably that you are offered a place at the natural science programme at Katedralskolan. 

Class placement is governed by factors that we always take into account such as gender distribution and distribution of grades. But we also weigh the reasons you specify in the form.


Good luck - and welcome!

NA - Natural Science Programme

Our science program is an education with both breadth and depth. We want you to be challenged and stimulated but also to enjoy your time here and have fun. That is why we work with investigatively and laboratory work in our well-equipped premises and see many exciting excursions. You meet dedicated and well-educated teachers who collaborate with the university.

The freedom of choice is great: In addition to the 200p available for individual choice courses, you can choose other advanced courses. You can advance your scientific knowledge or let other interests characterize your course of study. The upper secondary school essay (Gymnasiearbetet/GA) in the third year is done in connection with one of these advanced courses/subjects. The programme gives the highest possible eligibility for continued university studies.


There are two profiles in the science programme. Katedralskolan offers both. In grade one you choose profile first for grade two, but you also make a preliminary choice when you first apply for upper secondary school. You can change your mind in year two, but this may involve class change.

The Natural and Social Science Profile

This profile is aimed to those who wish to combine natural science studies with a social interest. You will read social science, geography, philosophy and psychology while getting a good foundation in science and math. The common foundation for the courses in this subject will be on our knowledge of man and his interaction with the surroundings. You will be able to participate in the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) and UN role-plays, field trips and studies of sustainable development in our immediate area.

Natural Science Profile

With advanced courses in biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics, this profile is aimed for those who are genuinely interested in science. This means that doors will stand open for future studies as this profile covers all fundamental courses for tertiary education. Whether you continue in the natural sciences or seek other subjects, you become eligible and can choose social development, medicine, natural sciences, technology, research and more.

Profile Classes - Specialization Natural Science

When we let an educational idea and a specific way of working characterize the educational programme, we call it a profile class.

This gives you the opportunity to get a form of education that fits your needs. The programme itself has the same foundation, programme objectives and courses. We normally read science in small groups of 20 students. It allows you to ask, research and discuss until you understand! It provides room for experimental work and it makes the excursions meaningful. As working in small groups is our main focus in education. In profile classes there can be other arrangements, some with whole class lessons as wells as half class for experiments. 

Science Class

This is a profile class for those who are curious and want to experience and explore the natural sciences they are studying. Each semester we do field trips, study trips and / or internships for a better understanding of science. For example, we go to Kullaberg for two days and explore the marine environment. During a two-day excursion we study the geology of Skåne/Scania. During two days in May we visit places to watch and listen to birds, frogs, bats and more. The close cooperation that develops between the subjects gives you a large-scale view, but also room for seeing things from different perspectives. We have been collaborating with the Biomedical Center (BMC) for several years this has enabled us to offer an opportunity to using their laboratories for two weeks.

Global health

This profile class is for those who like to look out in the world. Are you interested in people and people's living conditions? Of medicine and physiology? At Global Health you meet the global perspective, with special focus on human health. We cooperate a lot across subject boundaries. A couple of weeks each semester we take a break from scheduled classes and give you the chance to work in major projects around current themes. The methods vary and the examination forms can be posters, workshops, conferences and more. We plan for a few days in Copenhagen in year one, and visit a European country in year two.

Extra choice

If you want to study extended courses in mathematics, language, music and sports, you have the opportunity to do this in the context of extra choices.

KatteMatte NA

Do you have a great interest in mathematics? Maybe you already read upper secondary math? If you choose KatteMatte-NA, you go to a class with a Science specialization, but have the mathematics lessons in a special group. You read the compulsory mathematics courses but also advanced courses in collaboration with Lund University. Already in year one, you meet a teacher from the university. The main idea is not to rush through math courses but to gain a deeper understanding and wider breadth of your math skills.


If you need further information please contact: 

Career and Study Advisor

Eva Johnsson Hemberg

046-359 76 30

Deputy Head

Martin Gustavsson
046-359 76 17