HiP- The History Programme

Are you passionate about history? Do you not only want to read history but also experience it? Are you challenged by the opportunity to earn university points already in high school? If you answer yes to any of the questions, you should apply to the History Program. Here you read history in a variety of ways, with extra teaching time, different perspectives and dedicated teachers. And above all, you get to read more history than any other programme in Sweden. At the same time, you are well prepared for the university. The history programme actually gives you extra of everything.

This has happened and now this is happening

Depth, experiences, travel

Already in the first year you'll read two extra courses in history. In addition to the general history course History 1b, you also immerse yourself in Swedish history and the history of conflicts. In spring term, you'll travel to Belgium to experience with your own eyes the battlefield of Flanders and the colonial heritage in Brussels as you study imperialism and the First World War.

The history programme has been designed in close cooperation with Lund University and in the second year you have the opportunity to take your first higher education credit points in the course History of Anti-Semitism. This year, you'll also get to test your diplomatic skills in our great UN role-play.

During your final year you will read four history courses: History 3 is a history science course where we utilize the proximity to the University Library and the National Archives. Cultural History and Popular History give you another perspective to history  than the usual political perspective. The Lights and Darkness course highlights our complex 20th century where genocide and civil rights movements, racism and voting rights have been contemporary issues.