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Different profiles, entrepreneurship and success

Expect success

If you like financial issues, you will love Katte's Economics Programme. Here you can, among other things, run your own small business, follow interesting and exciting legal cases and already come out into the world. Day by day you will develop your driving force and will power. At Katedralskolan we offer a broad economic and legal education. You will have a solid foundation for further studies and a clear picture of the legal and economic conditions that govern our society. After three fun years, you have good subject knowledge as well as developed your initiative, your creativity and your logical thinking. So what are you waiting for? We are waiting for you!

Many choices

The Financial Profile

Lund has been the center of research, enterprise and industry. This gives us the  opportunity to visit interesting companies and often have lecturers visiting us from these enterprises and companies. In collaboration with teachers and students from the Economics College (Ekonomihögskolan), you will be able to resolve financial cases and present them to a jury. You will train on how to solve problems quickly, present your views and motivate your decision in groups. This is to develop those skills and competencies that eventually are going to be of great help at both university and at work. You will also get to try entrepreneurship in practice. This means that you and some of your classmates will start a UF-company where you implement your business ideas. You are responsible for creating a product, purchasing, marketing, sales etc. If you choose the Economics profile, you will get a good overview of financial conditions, both in Sweden and internationally. Maybe you succeed just as well as one of our students did last spring. Who won in a national competition about personal finance - Check the cash (Kolla på cashen)  - gave SEK 20,000 to the class.

The Law Profile

You will work both theoretically and practically with different aspects of the judiciary, law and society. We can take advantage of the fact that we are close to the District Court (Tingsrätten), Court of Appeal (Hovrätten), the Prosecutor's Office, the Police Office and lawfirms. Therefore during your high school years, you will meet different professional roles within the legal sector. You also get to test the exciting processes yourself through different types of court cases.

Students from the Law School at Lund University regularly visit your class as ambassadors for their education. The students lecture about various reality-based exercises. The Law profile also includes courses on international issues, the EU, the UN and relations between countries. These courses in combination with Philosophy and Psychology  these choices will not only set a great foundation for further studies, but you will also learn how to understand different aspects of human actions so you can easily influence and act upon them.

FN-rollspelInternational profile or your own personal package

The international profile is for those who are studying economics. Here we place extra focus on global issues, international trade and the regulations of business in different parts of the world. You deepen your knowledge in both marketing and accounting.

In recent years, our international economists have had the opportunity to study business and entrepreneurship in one of the world's most expansive regions - Shanghai.

Your other option is to freely combine different advanced courses. What suits you? Maybe you want to add a course in Rhetoric and Politics & Sustainable Development to your legal studies or have International Relations and Extra Social Knowledge as a complement to the economics subjects? The choice is all yours!


If you need any other information or have any questions please contact:


Career and Study Advisor

Johanna Olsson
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Deput Head of the Economics Programme

Anna Edqvist
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