TOK (Theory of Knowledge)

Is the sky blue? Are you sure? Is that a fact?

To answer this, it is necessary to understand what "sky" and "blue" means. You surely have your own definitions, but why should they be the universal definitions? Why is only a specific part of the atmosphere defined as "the sky" and why are waves with the wavelength 475 nm defined as blue? What is blue? And is the sky blue or do you just perceive it as such? How do you know if your observations are true?

All of a sudden, the answer that you first found obvious is not as clear anymore. Now imagine how difficult it is to analyze more complex and philosophical theories. This is what Theory of Knowledge, ToK, is about. ToK is part of the core in the Diploma Programme and is a part of all the other subjects. You will learn how to think critically and question things that you earlier might have accepted as truth. It will be eye-opening and sometimes a little provoking but it will enable you to grow as a person since, after finishing the course, you will always question statements posed before you that are defined as "truth". 

Because what is knowledge worth if it cannot be separated from random statements?

By the end of this course, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to answer whether the sky is blue or not. However, you will have learnt more about questioning knowledge and thinking critically than in any other subject

Emilia Roos, May 2017 Exam



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