IB Diploma Subjects

After the preparatory year (PDP) with some national courses it is time for the two IB Diploma years. The IB Diploma Programme is a highly respected pre-university course accepted at universities all over the world - and at Swedish universities of course. It is a two-year comprehensive curriculum designed to provide excellent preparation for further studies and to promote international understanding. Katedralskolan started with the Diploma Programme in 2001.

The two-year Diploma programme is mainly assessed through an external examination the second year in May. All tests, the same for all IB Diploma Schools in the world, are marked by international examiners appointed by IB Organization. The teachers will also internally assess the students. The internal assessments are for example lab works, orals and essays, and will be externally moderated. The internal assessments are finished before the May Exam and constitutes around 25% of the final grade. Each examined subject is graded on a scale of 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). The award of the Diploma requires students to meet defined standards and conditions including a minimum total of 24 points and the satisfactory completion of the Extended Essay, the TOK course and CAS activities, The maximum score of 45 includes three points for the combination of the Extended Essay and work in TOK.

The students are studying six subjects – three on Higher Level (HL) and three on Standard Level (SL).

It is compulsory to study two languages (one language A and one language B or two languages A) and one math course. Students can choose one social science subject and two natural science subjects or two social science subjects and one natural science subject. Environmental Systems and Societies is considered to be either a social science subject or a natural science subject. Students can also study three languages together with one social science subject and one natural science subject. It is also possible to choose three natural science subjects (a so called Non Regular Diploma), if the student is absolutely sure that s/he has to have this subject combination for future studies.

We are right now offering the following courses at Katedralskolan:

Group 1: Swedish A, English A, other mother tongues only as self taught school-supported (SL).
Group 2: English B, French B, Spanish B and Swedish B. French ab initio, Spanish ab initio and Mandarin ab initio only at SL.
Group 3: History, Economics, Business and Management, Psychology.Environmental Systems and Societies only at SL.
Group 4: Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Environmental Systems and Societies only at SL
Group 5: Mathematics Analyses and ApproachesorMathematics Applications and Interpretations
Group 6: Visual Arts or another subject from group 2, 3 or 4.

You will find more information on the subjects below at Relaterad information: Diploma Programme Curricula Framework, Diploma Mathematics and Language A school supported self-taught SL.

It is not possible to start up a course with very few applicants.

Diploma logga

Schedule in hours for two Diploma years

Subject DP1 and DP2




Swedish A, English A240/150

Other mother tongue A,only SL 0/150

Group 2:

English B, French B, Swedish B, Spanish B240/150

Only SL: French ab initio, Spanish ab initio, 0/150

Mandarin ab initio

Group 3:

History,Economics, Business and Management,Psychology 240/150

Enviromental Systems and Societies,only SL 0/150

Group 4:

Biology,Chemistry,Physics 240/150

Enviromental Systems and Societies,only SL 0/150

Group 5:

Mathematics Analyses and Approachesor 240/150

Mathematics Applications and Interpretations 240/150

Group 6:

Visual Arts or electives 240/150




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