Extended Essay

The Extended Essay is a research project all students do in a specific subject. The students formulate a research question which they then investigate and answer with 4000 words in an essay. The Extended Essay is an excellent opportunity for the students to investigate a topic that fascinates them.

 Examples of research questions are:

Economics: "Are consumers brand-loyal to iPods?"

Biology: "How does caffeine affect the growth of bacteria in the mouth?"

History: "How did Moltke influence modern warfare?"                                

Chemistry: "What is the effect of temperature on the oxidation process of wine?"

Swedish: "A comparison between the heroes depicted by Jan Guillou and Jack London."

English: "A study of the borders betin the New York Trilogy."

Psychology: When reality and fiction as depicted by Paul Auster : "What do we know about the relationship between stress and physiological illness and can we use that knowledge to cope with stress?"



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