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Do you want to study at a university in the US or in the UK?

Education UK:Our aim is to advise students and provide support in their application process to higher education in the UK, as well as informing about all the options available after graduation. In order to provide first-hand information and knowledge to the school, we arrange visits from universities to give presentations, order prospectuses (informational catalogues) as well as encourage everyone to contact us if they need any questions answered.

As the interest of studying in the UK only seems to be increasing, we believe there’s no reason why students shouldn’t be helping, and motivating each other to achieve their goals.

As three prospective UK applicants, we find it important to share our information about the application process with our fellow students. We strive to share our personal experiences and give useful insights.

Tilda Liljeroth, Lotte Widner, Helen Linwen Yan, May 2019 Exam



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