After School Activities for Children

After School Activities for Children


  1. The municipality is very active with many different cultural events, schools and clubs with a lot of information about these on the Lunds Kommun website 

  2. Stadsbiblioteket (city library), , offer book clubs (in Swedish), one for kids aged 9-12 and one for kids 13-up. Free of charge, sometimes need to sign up. They also have various activities throughout the year for all ages, storytelling for young children (in various languages), authors coming to visit and a lot of other events during the year. They also have a selection of English books and can order books in if they don’t have it.

  3. Lund municipality operates Kulturskolan Lund, offering children and young people between five and nineteen years the possibility of tuition in musical instruments, voice, image, animation, film, dance, rhythm, brass rhythm, theater and writing.

  4. Medborgarskolan offers art, dance, theatre, music and many other courses

  5. Folkuniversitetet is an educational association that offers a wide range of both adult and children education with music, theatre, writing and dance courses.

  6. We have put together a few additional links below but on the Lunds Kommun website there are links to many different courses and activities in the area (for children and adults).


Kulturskolan, Folkuniversitetet and Medborgarskolan

There are also links on the Lund Kommuns website to a number of other dance schools:


  1. Kulturskolan, Folkuniversitetet and Medborgarskolan

  2. Classical, jazz and contemporary styles of piano all ages (Swedish or English) in Lund, Malmö or your own home.

  3. Music Kindergarten for ages 3 - 6, individual lessons and ensemble for ages 5 and up for a range of instruments including piano, wind, string instruments, guitar and voice.


  1. Kulturskolan, Folkuniversitetet and Medborgarskolan

  2. Studie främjandet: Cirkusskola, circus training for children 4-6, 7-9, 10-16.

  3. Teater Lukkan, Theater and music courses for children aged from 6 years


Lunds Sportklubb, groups for children from 6 years

- Judo: Kindergarten Judo, groups for children 4-5 and 5-7 years.

- Basketball: Lugi Basketbollklubb for children aged 12 years

- Lunds Bollklubb

Innebandy: LUGI Innebandy, for children 10-11 years.

KFUM Lundagård

Östra Torns Ridskola, (Riding School) for children aged 7 years

Tennis: LUGI Tennis, for children up to 8 years

Lugi Badminton club

Allmänna Tennisklubben Lund, (General Tennis Club) groups for children from 4 years.

Gymnastics: LUGI Gymnastik, for children aged 5 years.

Handball: LUGI Handboll, groups for children 1-6, 6-7, 9-18 years old.

Skating: Lunds Konståkningsklubb

Swimming: SK Poseidon, a group for children aged from 2 months.

Swimming and Synchronized Swimming: at Högevallsbadet

Football: Lund BOIS

Linero IF, groups for children of 6 years.

Lunds FF

Athletics: IFK Lund Friidrott, for children aged 8 years

Riding: Lunds civila ryttarförening

Hockey: Lund Giants HC

Volleyball: Lund’s Volleyball Club

Karate: Lunds Karateklubb

Fencing:LUGI Fäktförening


Chess: Lunds Akademiska Schackklubb