Mother Tongue Instruction

Students from PYP3-MYP5 can apply for mother tongue classes. The forms can be found in the school reception. The classes take place once a week for forty minutes and is paid for by ISLK.

About the Mother Tongue Center

The mother tongue center offers mother tongue support and mother tongue education to children and adolescents from families where at least one of the parents has a mother tongue other than Swedish and this language is used in the home.

For these students, the mother tongue is a foundation for learning and is an important link between their lives and the school. In addition, it is a tool that can be used in knowledge acquisition. The mother tongue is also of great importance to the identity and self-esteem of these students.

You can only take one language as mother tongue, so if you speak two languages at home (not including English), you will have to choose between the two. 


The minimum requirement for a group to start is five students. In some cases, the students will be grouped with other students from another school and the lesson may take place at the other school. In cases of illness, it is the parent's responsibility to inform the mother tongue teacher that the student will not attend school.

When to apply

If your child wants to participate in Mother tongue classes you as a guardian must report this to the admin office at (

Deadline for applications before the autumn term is to be submitted before May 1st, and to apply for the spring term you have to submit the documentation before December 1st. You can find the application form in the Reception or on the section "Forms" on this website. Do not forget to submit the documents in good time.