Frequently Asked Questions

Change of address/telephone/e-mail

Any address/e-mail/telephone changes during the term should be changed on your parent account in OpenApply. You may also send an email to islk@lund.se

Remember, in Sweden, it is the municipality where you live that pay for your child’s school fee. If you chose to live in a different municipality than Lund, they may not agree to pay the full fee for international schooling. Hence, you need to check BEFORE you chose your housing if they agree or not or you may lose the place for your child at ISLK.

Student Planned Absences

Parents are requested not to remove their child from school unnecessarily. Lengthy absences will affect academic progress and grades. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to ensure that missed work is completed. Special work will not be provided by teachers.

A "Leave of Absence" must be filled out even for single day absences. The completed form is to be submitted to the class teacher/mentor one week in advance. Two days off may be granted by the class teacher/mentor. Absences of more than two days must be approved by the Principal who should receive the notice at least one week in advance.

Morning Arrivals at ISLK

PYP students line up outside at 8:25 and are let into school by their teachers. Any PYP student who needs to be at school before 8:25 needs to be registered with the After School Programme (ASP) otherwise they will be unsupervised in the playground. Any child who is a part of the morning activities should stay there until the staff takes them outside to line up.

Students who are late for school should register with by the school reception and the staff will take them to their classes.

MYP students are allowed into the buildings from 8.00 in the morning unattended until their first class starts.

Physical Education - Illness

The school policy is that students should be well enough to attend all subjects during the school day, P.E. included. If not, they need to stay at home. Of course, there are exceptions to this policy, a broken leg or other medical condition that has been confirmed by a doctor. In most such cases, students should attend the P.E. lesson even if they are unable to participate physically in order to obtain the theory of the unit.

Lost and Found

Remind your child to check the lost and found cupboards situated on the ground floor in Building 3. These cabinets are emptied every vacation time (autumn break, winter break, Easter break, summer break)


Because of allergies, we are not allowed to bring nuts to school. For the same reason, deodorants and other products that are heavily perfumed should be avoided. Dogs need to stay outside the school and schoolyard at all times.

Mid Morning Snacks

The policy in Lund for schools is that only healthy foods are to be eaten in school. Therefore we need to remind that only snacks of fruit, vegetables e.g. carrot sticks can be brought to school. Chocolate spread and energy bars do not come into this category. Drinks should be water or milk. We ask for everyone's cooperation in this matter. Healthy food is the policy of the whole school community in Lund.


In case of a serious accident at school, please report the accident to Protector försäkring where Lunds municipality has signed an insurance policy for all school children. Go to Anmäl skada, Person and Kommunolycksfall. 


As you come into the school from Östervångsvägen there is a drop-off and pick up zone which is not intended for parking. There is a parking place for visitors only near the PE Hall in Linnégatan street. Workmen doing repairs in school and visitors may park there. A dropping off period of 10 minutes is allowed between 7:00- 9:00 and 14:00-18:00.

We would like to suggest the following:

  1. If you feel you need to walk into school with your child, please park in the small car park adjacent to the PE Hall or at the street Linnégatan where you have to pay a fee of 15kr per hour.
  2. If you feel your child can walk into school by themselves then please use the drop off zone and watch them walk into school before driving off.

School Meal

All our students are served one warm meal a day in the canteen. To see the lunch menu: