Academic year

Calendar of events and academic year

  • 13-31 July (ASP is closed)
  • 13-14 August (School and ASP is closed)

    Autumn term 2020

    18th August to 18th December

    29th September                   Study day (school closed, ASP open)

    26-30th October                   Autumn break (school closed, ASP open)

    11th November                    Study day (school closed, ASP open)

    19th December-7th January  Christmas break (school closed)

    24-26th December                ASP closed

    Spring term 2021

    7th January to 11th June

    6-7th January                       Epiphany (school & ASP closed)

    22nd-26th February              Winter break (school closed, ASP open)

    8th March                            Study day (school closed, ASP open)

    29th March – 2nd April          Easter break (school closed, ASP open)

    2-5th April                            Easter break (school & ASP closed)

    13th May                             Ascension day (school & ASP closed)

    14th May                             Squeeze day (school closed, ASP open)

    20th May                             Study day (school closed, ASP open)

    11th June- to be confirmed    Summer break (school closed, ASP open)

    14-15th June                        Study day (ASP closed)

    25th June                             Midsummer Eve (ASP closed)

Please refer to a Swedish calendar for any national holidays when school is also closed. These are marked in red.

Please press here to view a Swedish calendar