Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team at ISLK is a team with multiple competencies and collective experiences dedicated to promoting and supporting students' well-being and learning within the school.

Learning Support Team (LST)

Our mission is to ensure an inclusive education for all students at ISLK by working collaboratively with the pedagogues to support students experiencing special educational needs or other difficulties. The team also works preventively with policy work, learning environments, staff professional development, and screening. The work is done at the individual, group and organizational levels. Please see the ISLK Inclusive Education and Learning Diversity Policy available from the coordinators: Policies & Whole School Documents.

School Nurse

Bodil Andersson Franke
Phone:(+46) 46 359 42 84
E-mail: bodil.anderssonfranke@lund.se

School Counsellor

Anna McClintock
Phone:(+46) 46 359 68 32
E-mail: anna.mcclintock@lund.se

Career Counsellor

Monika Lindéll

Phone:(+46) 46 359 72 21

E-mail: monika.lindell@lund.se

MYP Learning Support Coordinator

Johanna Sternberg
Phone:(+46) 46 359 55 96
E-mail: johanna.sternberg@lund.se

PYP Learning Support Coordinator

Madelene Mumford
Phone:(+46) 46 359 78 38
E-mail: madelene.mumford@lund.se

To report sick child (Skola 24): (+46) 0515 – 869 28

The Learning Support Team also works with a school doctor, a school psychologist, and other outside agencies within Lund’s municipality.