International School of Lund (ISLK) exists primarily to serve the educational needs of the international community.


The criteria for admission are set by the Swedish Ministry of Education in the Education act Chapter 24 §4. The students will be prioritized in the following order:

  1. Students of international families moving to Lund, or the region of Lund, and staying here for a limited time.
  2. Students of families moving to Lund, or the region of Lund, who have attended an International School abroad for the majority of their education and therefore have a reason to continue his/her education in an International School.
  3. Students permanently living in Lund, or the region of Lund, who in the near future, will continue their education in an International School abroad.
  4. Students permanently living in Lund, or the region of Lund, who have English as a mother tongue i.e. speak it on a daily basis with one or both guardians AND who has sufficient knowledge of the English language to follow and participate in the teaching and learning.

Note: Students with significant needs affecting their ability to access an ordinary school learning environment and curriculum are not entitled to international schooling according to the Swedish education Act which applies to ISLK due to the setup and resources available at the school. This includes for example but is not limited to, students who are intellectually challenged and/or students in need of significant educational support or adaptations.

When you have been notified that we have received your application, you are encouraged to make an appointment with the Coordinator/Principal to get further information regarding the programmes and class placement.

As the school is funded by the municipality of Lund, it is recommended that you live within the municipality. If you decide to live in another municipality, they must agree to pay school charges to Lund before admission is secured.

Please note that if your situation changes, your child may lose his/her place at ISLK.


To apply for admission, please send the following to the Admissions Office either via e-mail to or by post to ISLK, Admissions Office, Linnégatan 2, 224 60, Lund, Sweden.

All required forms are available for download in the Related info box at the Parents / Forms Section.

  • A completed application form for each child. ("Application Form")
  • A letter from an employer or similar, which confirms the length of your contract or stay in Sweden, alt, when you will be leaving Sweden/starting work abroad. ("Letter of Intention")
  • Two latest school reports and any Individual Educational Plans (IEP) / Individual Learning Plan (IPL) or documentation of special educational needs/evaluations available. ("School Reports")
  • A health declaration form required for all applicants. ("Health Declaration Form")
  • BVC Form if you have been living in Sweden and have been enrolled to BVC. ("BVC Form")
  • Vaccinations should be up to date according to Swedish regulations (attach vaccination form from your country). (Read Vaccinations Programme)
  • An income statement form, if you are applying for the Early Years Programme and After School Programme. ("Income of Statement") To know more read the document Information and Fees.

Transition from EYP/PYP1 to PYP2 (pre-school to school)

The Primary Years Programme at ISLK ranges from the age of 3 to 11 years old. Children age 3-4 years old belong to the ‘Early Years Programme’ (EYP). From 5 years old and onwards (PYP 1) a more formal school set up begins. However, the official school start according to the Swedish Education Act is the autumn term (August) the year a child turns 6 years old (PYP 2). Starting from 2017, parents will need to re-apply for a child to transfer from PYP 1 to PYP 2. Students who still fit the criteria will normally transfer without a problem. However, if a child’s situation has changed a transfer to a different school might be necessary.


For further information contact:

Admissions Officer: Alba Mayorga

Phone: (+46) 46 359 7124
Mobile: (+46) 734 485 829

Leaving ISLK

A Notification of Leaving needs to be hand out in the reception. The document will be shared with Mentor / Coordinator and Rector. The school grades will be shared with Parents if requested, or the new school, also if requested.

If your child is also in After School Programme, it is very important that we receive the Notification of leaving ASP for this activity. You pay for ASP for the month in which we receive the leaving note plus one more month. All forms are to be sent or handed into the reception. To find more information please visit the "After School Programme" site.

If your child is as well enrolled in Mother Tongue, you will need to inform to the reception and fill out the form Notification of leaving Mother Tongue. Hand out the document to the reception in order to inform the Mother Tongue Centrum.

Facts responsible: ISLK

International School of Lund Katedralskolan (ISLK)

Linnégatan 2,224 60 Lund

(+46) 46 359 45 42