ISLK is an international school registered with the Swedish School Inspectorate to offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) to children from the age of 3 to 15-16. The school does not offer modified programs. ISLK is funded by the City of Lund and exists primarily to serve the educational needs of the transient and/or international community of Lund. There are no tuition or school fees, however, interested families must meet specific intake criteria established by the Swedish Education Act and students are prioritized according to the requirements below.


The criteria for admission are set by the Swedish Education Act, Chapter 24 §4. The students are prioritized in the following order:

  1. Students of international families moving to Lund and staying here for a limited time.
  2. Students of families moving to Lund who have attended an International School abroad for the major part of their education and therefore have a reason to fulfill his/her education in an International School. ISLK will prioritize families living abroad when they apply.
  3. Students permanently living in Lund who in the near future will continue their education in an International School abroad. For example children of members of staff of international organizations or companies. Families can only apply for a student to join ISLK for a maximum of one school year before the move abroad.
  1. Students permanently living in Lund who have English as a mother tongue i.e. speak it on a daily basis with one or both guardians AND who has sufficient knowledge of the English language to follow and participate in the teaching and learning.

Due to the high number of applications ISLK only accepts applicants from criteria 1, 2 and 3 at the moment.


Students not eligible for international schooling at ISLK

A student who is eligible to Special schools according to the Swedish Education Act, Chapter 7 §§ 5 and 6 does not have access to an international school. This includes students who are intellectually challenged, deaf and/or blind or students with severe language impairment.

Students with significant needs affecting their ability to access an ordinary learning environment and the curriculum offered, will not be accepted if it brings considerable organizational or economic difficulties to the school (regulation about international schools SFS 2015:801 §11).

Each application is tested on an individual basis.

Examples could be, a student who needs a one-on-one learning situation outside the classroom with an extra teacher/assistant, or a student whose learning ability is not within the range for what could be considered normal differentiation and support in the classroom and hence would need a moderated programme and extra daily support.

As the school is funded by the municipality of Lund, it is recommended that you live within the municipality. If you decide to live in another municipality, they must agree to pay school charges to Lund before admission is secured.

Please note that if your situation changes from the admission requirements, your child may lose his/her place at ISLK.

Age guidelines

Students are placed according to age and the school follows the calendar year, January to December, for cut-off dates. In order to challenge students, and meet their individual needs, teachers differentiate within year groups. Compare ISLK placements to other systems here, see class placement.


Step 1

Make sure you meet the intake criteria and that you can verify it with documentation supporting your application. If not, your application will be rejected without further notice.

For example:

For criteria 1 ISLK needs a temporary contract and/or a letter of intent from the employer/organization/university etc. stating the temporary stay.

For criteria 3 ISLK needs a contract or letter of intent stating the timeline for the move from an employer/organization/university etc.

Make sure you will be living in Lund or in a municipality that will pay the school fee.

Both legal guardians of the child/children must sign the application.

Do not apply more than nine months in advance since the documentation ISLK requires needs to be up to date.


Step 2

When filling in the form we ask you to answer the questions truthfully. If new information occurs after admission to ISLK that shows that information about your child has been withheld, the decision of admission will be reviewed and changed with the support of the Swedish Administrative Law and your child can lose the place. The following documents are needed:

  • Application form
  • Contract
  • Letter of intent
  • Two latest school reports
  • Individual Educational Plan (IEP) / Individual Learning Plan (IPL) - if your child has had an assessment.
  • Health form
  • Vaccinations. Should be up to date according to Swedish regulations Vaccinations Programme
  • BVC health form
  • Declaration of income for ASP / EYP. To know more read the document Information and Fees


Forms can be found here:


Step 3

You have submitted an application and if it is complete you can expect the following:

Within 10 days the application will be processed by the ISLK Admissions office and you will know the status of your child's application by giving you the following message via email:

Admitted: Your child can start at ISLK. 

Waiting list: ISLK does not operate from a waiting list and every effort is made to provide a place for those students who meet the admission criteria and requirements. However, if the admissions rules are met and there is no place in a class, the student can be put in a waiting pool for a short period, normally the current term the student is applying for.

Rejected: You do not meet the requirements for admission hence the application will be rejected/declined.

Transition from EYP/PYP1 to PYP2 (pre-school to school)

The Primary Years Programme at ISLK ranges from the age of 3 to 11 years old. Children age 3-4 years old belong to the Early Years Programme (EYP). From 5 years old and onwards (PYP1) a more formal school set up begins. However, the official school start, according to the Swedish Education Act, is the autumn term (August) the year a child turns 6 years old (PYP2). Starting from 2017, parents will need to re-apply for a child to transfer from PYP 1 to PYP 2. Students who still fit the criteria will normally transfer without a problem. However, if a child's situation has changed a transfer to a different school might be necessary.


Admissions Officer: Marie Liljeroth
Phone: (+46) 46 359 7124
Mobile: (+46) 734 485 829

Leaving ISLK

The form Leaving ISLK needs to be handed in at the reception. The document will be shared with the student's mentor, coordinator and the school principal. The school grades will be shared with parents if requested, or the new school, also if requested.

If your child is also in After School Programme, it is very important that we receive the form Leaving ASP. You pay for ASP for the month in which we receive the leaving note plus one more month. All forms are to be sent or handed into the reception. 

If your child is enrolled in Mother tongue lessons you will need to inform the reception and fill out the form Leaving Mother Tongue

International School of Lund Katedralskolan (ISLK)

Linnégatan 2,224 60 Lund

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