Housing and public properties

If you are looking for housing in the City of Lund, you are moving to one of Sweden's fastest-growing cities. This means, that there are a lot of new properties being built, but also that there is a high demand for property on the market, both rental and private property.

This guide aims at helping you to find housing in the city of Lund. Within the municipality there are different types of housing – rental properties, co-operative housing, private properties, student housing, and collective living.

New properties

If you want to get an overview over what is being built at this point, click on New properties, building projects. Here you can find the constructors and real estate companies currently building new estates in the municipality.

Be prepared to queue

If you are looking for housing, we advise you to contact the public real estate agency LKF (see link below) as well as the private agencies as early as possible. Agencies generally have a queuing system which you need to register for in order to be eligible for their properties. It is important to be active on the search for housing. 

Special assistance, adapting homes

Are you in need of special assistance or adapting homes? The City of Lund will assist you with what you need. 


Technical Services Department

Postal address: Box 41, 221 00 Lund
Visitors address: Brotorget 1, Lund
Telephone citizen centre: 046-359 75 00
E-mail: tekniska.forvaltningen@lund.se