You can apply for government student finance support if you are studying a public adult education. This is valid for all the courses and education, except SFI, Instruction in Swedish for Immigrants.

Who is eligible for student finance support?

You can apply for student finance from the autumn of the year that you turn 20. You apply on CSN’s webpage. For those younger than 20, there is a possibility to get the same student aid, given to upper secondary school pupils, with the precondition that you study full time.

Before applying

For full time studies, you must study a minimum of 20 upper secondary school credits per week. Before applying for student finance you must know which study period and the amount of upper secondary school credits your education covers.

Apply in good time! You don’t have to wait for an admission decision before applying.

Current amount for grants, additional grant for children, etc., can be found on CSN’s webpage.

You can receive general information about student finance in preparation for your education at Lund Counselling Centre.

Important information

CSN has made some changes regarding how the courses and credits for adult education are reported. Due to these changes, CSN might send you several letters about your student finance during your education. It is important that you read these letters carefully.


You don’t have to do anything, if you are going to do all the courses, for which you’ll receive student finance. If you however know that you won’t do all the courses, you must tell CSN, by changing your application on:  www.csn.se

For questions, contact CSN on 0771-276 00 or via email on their webpage.