Sfi - Swedish for immigrants

Register for Swedish classes! The City of Lund offers Swedish classes through the adult education school Komvux. Sfi is free of charge and aimed at people who immigrated to Sweden, wishing to learn Swedish and learn more about life in Sweden. 


You apply by visiting Komvux during their opening hours. You can also call Komvux on 046-35 70 51 or  Lund’s guidance centre on 046-35 74 90 for assistance. We take on new students every Monday throughout the year.

Which level are you on?

There are three different levels on which to enter SfI, Swedish for Immigrants:

Sfi 1 course A and B for you with only short or no education from your home country.
Sfi 2 course B and C for you with 4-9 years of studies completed in your home country.
Sfi 3 course C and D for you with at least 10 years of studies completed in your home country.


Komvux i Lund

Besöksadress: Gastelyckan, Glimmervägen 12, 224 78 Lund
Telefon (växel): 046-359 71 00

Receptionens öppettider:
måndag–fredag8.15-9.45, 11.15-12.30, 13.15-14.15
tisdag 17–18

Telefontid: måndag–fredag 10.1511.15
Telefontid SFI: måndag–fredag 10.15–11.15

Elev som ska sjukanmäla sig gör detta direkt till respektive lärare.

Education Department

Postal address: Box 138, 221 00 Lund
Visitors address: Stora Södergatan 47, Lund
Telephone (switchboard): 046-359 50 00
E-mail: utbildningsforvaltningen@lund.se 

Opening hours: The office of the Education Department is open Monday - Friday 8am - 12am, 1pm - 3.30pm.