What are American students doing in Lund?

February 11, 2020

Seventeen American university students studying Innovation & Entrepreneurship via DIS study abroad program in Copenhagen, took the time to travel over the bridge to southern Sweden, making Lund one of their target cities.

Gruppfotografi av leende människor

Starting out at Ideon Science Park to meet Christer Wallin from NyföretagareCentrum, who guided the group through the type of support offered to both local and internationals wanting to take an idea and turn it into a business. These young Americans were pleasantly surprised over the free support and willingness of companies and associations to donate time and money in helping the new entrepreneur to succeed.  Thereafter, Janine Miller, an international who recently moved to Sweden with her husband, shared her insight into how networking is a valuable tool in building trust and increasing your client base after opening her business in 2018. Before moving on, we had the opportunity to meet Stefan Sandor, CEO of Serstech who took us through Serstech’s journey from start-up to scale-up. How this company has made it into the global market by focusing on the value of a team to pull the company forward and the mind-set to compete with some of the giants in the industry.

En kvinna föreläser för en grupp studenter

We finished off at International Citizen Hub with Lisa Andersson, talking about support internationals moving to southern Sweden can receive at the hub.  And Jimmy Sok, also from the city of Lund, Department of Sustainable Development, who gave interesting insight into what Lund is doing to promote young entrepreneurship.

Lund strongly promotes both innovation and entrepreneurship making it an attractive destination for both well-established businesses as well as the young international entrepreneur. We welcome back these visitors if they should decide to make Lund a place for their new business idea.

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