Lund Youth Policy

Lund Youth Policy is a forum for young people who want to influence society, start festivals, musicals or exchanges with other countries, organize sports tournaments or just have a snack and discuss with other youngsters who are passionate about the same issues. All work in Lund Youth Council is run by young people for young people.

Everyone between 12 and 25 years is welcome to participate in the Lund Youth Policy and has the right to vote. Politicians and officials can attend the meetings and discussions, but without the right to vote. Their job is to listen to young people to get tips, ideas and suggestions for their work.

In what way can you engage?

The Youth Policy's work is based on

  • dialog
  • influence
  • own activities.

This means that as a young person in Lund you will have the chance to express yourself in questions that interest you, in the way that suits you best. The work is based on our various committees where issues such as environment, equality and sport are discussed. Based on the committees, various activities are being organized to change and improve for young people in Lund.

We always try to think of new ways, in which you as young person can influence. We work to ensure that all young people (regardless of background, function variant and identity) get to express their opinions and we often go out to talk to other people about the youth policy.

What is ultimately the most important thing for you as a youngster to know, is that youth policy is available to you. With us, you can get help putting your ideas into practice, you can meet other young people and you can join the Youth Council.

In the youth policy, there are three youth delegates who work to support young people's involvement. By acting as a link between committed young people and politicians and service people in the municipality, the youth delegates make sure to bring forward young people's views. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

We who work with the Youth Policy in Lund are:

Name: Amanda Pettersson, Youth Delegate
Telephone: 0734-48 55 79

Name: Gabriel Malmer, Youth Delegate
Telephone: 0766-20 20 94

Name: Anna Sigurgeirsdóttir, Activity developer, the Youth policy 
Telephone: 046-359 63 59

Where is the Youth policy? 
The Youth policy is located in an office in central Lund at Bytaregränden 6, right on top of ComUng. Everyone is welcome to visit the Youth policy's office and we who work here will be extra happy if you as a young person come by and say hi!

The Youth Council

One of the Youth Policy's biggest projects, is the Youth Council. The Youth Council is a forum where young people between the ages of 12 and 25 gather to engage in, influence and discuss issues that are important to young people in Lund. The aim of the Youth Council is that young people's views should be brought forward and that young people will have more influence in the municipality.

  • How did it begin?

The Youth Council began to form in spring 2002. At that time, young people, politicians and officials from Lund municipality, met on the Scanian island of Ven. The aim was to discuss how young people's influence in Lund could be improved. One of the ideas was to form a youth council. The first Youth Council was held in September 2003, and the youths themselves decided how they wanted their youth council to look.

  • How does the Youth Council work?

The youth council is held four times a year. Approximately 150 young people usually get involved, and in general, there are some different people from each school in Lund municipality.

The youth council begins with a general meeting where the participants vote on what to do in the future and how the council's money will be used. Every youth council has a theme. Earlier themes include antirasism, health, school and love. After the general meeting, the council continues with workshops, discussions or lectures.

In the youth councils, the young people always decide, and they are the ones who get to express their views. This means that adults are welcome to the Youth council, but they do not have the right to vote. They are only there to listen to the young people, and to get ideas about how they can listen more to young people in their work.

  • Why do the Youth councils look like they do?

In order to get away from traditional hierarchies, there are no leaders in the Youth Council. Everyone's votes are equally worthwhile. As a participant, you can choose how much you want to engage in the Youth Council, as everything is voluntary. This and other pillars for how the Youth Council will function, are written down in the by-laws of the Youth Council.

  • What happens between the councils?

The Youth Councils are held four times a year, but a lot also happens between the council meetings. Youths in different places, start and engage in different projects (in the groups that are called "Utskott" among other things) and the Coordination Group ("Samordningsgruppen") runs the practical work in the Youth Council forward. 

  • Who is behind the Youth Council?

Young people are the ones who prepare, lead and hold the Youth Council. Those who primarily plan the councils are part of the Coordination Group. The Coordination Group consists of a group of young people who wanted to get more involved in Youth Council. We at the Youth Policy, assist the Coordination Group.


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Visitors address: Stora Södergatan 47, Lund
Telephone (switchboard): 046-35 50 00