Equestrian facilities and riding trails

In Lund municipality, there are many riding facilities in different sizes. There are also nice riding trails for you who like to ride outdoors.

4H-gården Östra Torn

Equestrian trails in the northern part of Lund municipality

A riding trail network in the northern part of the municipality is being expanded, so that riders from different stables and riding facilities will have access to riding trails and be able to get to each other in a safe way. See equestrian maps below. On Sankt Hans slopes, it is only allowed to ride on the designated riding routes.

Horseback riding in Skrylle

There are about 20 km of marked riding trails in Skrylle nature reserve. Skrylle nature reserve is an area that has about 500,000 visitors per year. As Skrylle is a nature reserve, the right of public access does not apply and horse riding is only allowed on marked paths. Several private landowners in the area also lease their land for riding trails.

The brochure below contains more information about suitable parking spaces for horse trailers, about Skrylle as an area and which riding trails are available. Among the links below is also a map with the riding trails marked.


Allemansrätten is a custom, which means that it is not specified in legal text. On the other hand, the obligations that the right of public access entails are inscribed in the law: "Everyone who exercises Allemansrätten or otherwise resides in nature must show consideration and caution in his dealings with it". Allemansrätten applies to anyone who travels on foot, by ski, bicycle or horse.

For riding, there are certain exceptions from Allemansrätten. It is forbidden to ride on plots of land, in plantations, in fields and dikes. Care must also be taken on other sensitive land, such as soft forest paths, marshes, meadows, pastures. In the spring, when the soils are wet, the risk of soil damage is extra great.

Maintenance of riding trails

The municipality's Technical Services Department is responsible for the maintenance of riding trails on municipal land. They also manage Skrylle nature reserve.

Equestrian facilities in Lund

Ridhus Plats Aktivitet Kapacitet Klubb
Björnstorps Ryttarförening
Björnstorp ridning uppgift saknas Björnstorps Ryttarförening
Flyinge Ridsportanläggning
Flyinge ridning, körning nationell anläggning för hästnäringen samt utbildningscenter Flyinge Hästsportklubb
Flyinge Ryttarförening
Flyinge ridning 2 ridhus, 24x72 m och 20x38 m Flyinge Ryttarförening
Humlamadens Ryttarförening
Veberöd uppgift saknas ridning, ridskola med inkluderande grupper (även för barn med funktionshinder) Humlamadens Ryttarförening
Lunds Ridhus
Norr ridning 2 ridhus, 24x78 m och 20x60 m Lunds Civila Ryttarförening
Stävie Ryttarförening
Stävie ridning ridhus 25 x 65 m Stävie Ryttarförening
Torns Ryttarförening
Stångby/Vallkärra ridning 3 ridhus, 25 x 66 m, 20x40 m och 12x24 m Torns Ryttarförening
Trällekilla Ridklubb
Genarp ridning ridhus 22x48 m Trällekilla Ridklubb
Torna Hällestad ridning ridhus 22X48 m Dalby Ryttarförening
Östra Torns Ryttarsällskap
Öster ridning uppgift saknas Östra Torns Ryttarsällskap