Lund City Park

The City Park - Stadsparken - is Lund’s most popular park and attracts visitors of all ages and interests. People looking for a break from the noise of the city will find peace in the trickling fountain, for those more active, here's an outdoor gym, a boulder and a skateboard park. Young visitors will enjoy Lund’s largest and most visited playground. The park also houses several arrangements, such as the harvest festival in September. The park is closed on April 30th.

Stay home the last day of April 2020Stay home the last day of April!

This year, we will cancel the annual celebration in Stadsparken which takes place on the last day of April, also called "valborg" or Walpurgis Night. Together, this is a way we can reduce the spread of the Covid-19 corona virus. The park will also be closed. Welcome back next year!

The traditional celebration of Walpurgis Night on the evening of 30 April is canceled due to the current limit on permitted public gatherings to a maximum of 50 people. The spontaneous celebration that takes place during the day cannot be formally canceled or banned because there is no organizer, but Lund Municipality strongly encourages everyone to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency and stay home. The park will be closed all day during the 30th of April.

In the past, the spontaneous party has gathered 25,000-30,000 visitors, of which many of them come from different parts of the country. The situation with the corona virus Covid-19 means that everyone has to take this into consideration. It is important to avoid travel, keep distances and avoid crowds to reduce the spread of infection. By staying at home, we help to protect risk groups and reduce the burden on health care.

You who are custodians of young people in upper classes of elementary school or upper secondary school: help us reach out to the younger youths and explain why it is important to stay home.

Thank you for your help!

Harvest festival in september

The annual harvest festival is held the last weekend in september, and open between 10 am to 4 pm. Free admission.

At the harvest festival you can shop fresh and green products, organic and locally produced, share experiences with other growers and try traditional handcraft, and more:

  • Learn more about wool, linen, wood and ceramics.
  • Meet experts from the National Gene Bank and talk about older varieties of fruit, especially apples and pears.
  • Meet farm animals: pigs, calves, sheep, goats and get a ride with the horse carriage.
  • Meet naturum Skrylle and find out more about the wild animals in Sweden.
  • Do you have your own apples? Come and make "Swedish äppelmust". Remember to bring a water can or similar where you can store it.
  • Music and other entertainment will also help us to get good atmosphere in the city park.
  • Guided tours in the park (note! only in Swedish).
  • If you are hungry there are several food choices, with organic and homemade food, including "Swedish fika".

Protected nature

The large number of old trees in the park have created good conditions for a variety of rare species. A so-called fauna depot with dead tree trunks has been created in the park's southern dense curtain of bushes and trees, attracting a large number of insects. Among the most endangered species found in this area is the EU-prioritised chernetid pseudoscorpion (Anthrenochernes stellae), which is why the area has been designated a NATURA 2000 area. There are about 650 trees of different species in the City Park, several of which are rare.

Stadsparkens lekplats

Playground and bird aviaries

The playground consists of a futuristic, hilly, rubberised landscape with climbing course, trampoline, and slide. The large climbing net can be seen from far away. There are also swings and an exciting hornbeam tree maze. For the smaller children, there is a quiet corner in the shade with a play train and sandbox. Part of the playground has mini-buildings that smaller children can climb on and crawl around in. All of the buildings are linked to the 1907 Lund Exhibition. The playground also offers benches, seats under cover, and a public grill. Toilets are found nearby at the bird aviaries.

Söderlyckan Skatepark

Söderlyckan Skatepark is 1500 square metres large with three levels of difficulty. There are also green areas, seating and toilets. Kickbike riders are welcome up until 16:00 on weekdays and up until 14:00 on weekends. Parents and visitors who are not riding are asked to stay outside of the ramp areas. Cycling is not allowed.

Training and exercise

At the outdoor gym, you can exercise free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you enjoy long-distance running, the 10 km Hardebergaspåret trail starts from Mejeriet in the City Park.

There are three beach courts. Handball nets and beach volleyball nets are available between 1 April and 30 September. The courts are reserved by sports clubs at certain times, primarily Mondays-Thursdays in the evenings.

The parkour-inspired course is near the beach courts. The equipment and the soft rubber base can be used for parkour and for play and other spontaneous training.

A large climbing boulder is located near the beach courts, parkour area, and gym. All climbing is done at your own risk.

There are benches, a water supply point, and public grill nearby. Toilets can be found at the café (Stadsparkscaféet), the arena, and the indoor swim centre (Högevallsbadet).

City Park's development

The City Park celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011, and that same year became part of the European Garden Heritage Network. The first stage of the development plan adopted for the park in 2009 was initiated in 2011. This was followed by the creation of a new playground, outdoor gym, and several different activity areas. Söderlyckan Skatepark and the Garden of Sun and Shade were completed in 2016. The Observatory Park (Observatorieparken), which is now a part of the City Park, was restored 2018-2019. In 2019, a part of the park near the pond was redesigned with a waterfall, wooden decks and new plants in a theme called Nordic jungle. 

Customer services

Opening times: Open all year round, all day.

Admission: Free.

  • Shop: No.
  • Tea Room/ Restaurant: Yes.
  • WC: Yes (in the restaurant, by the bird aviaries and by the skateboard park)
  • Parking: Car park by the Arena, immediately west of the park.
  • Seats and benches: Yes.
  • Accessibility – in the park/ garden from the car park: 10 minutes' walk from the city center and train station.
  • The main paths are suitable for visitors with limited mobility.
  • Dogs are to be kept on leash. Use your poop scoop.
  • Biking is not allowed in the park.

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