Valborg - Walpurgis night

You may recognise Walpurgis Night, Valborg in Swedish, from your own country as a holiday celebrated on the 30th of April. It is a spring festival with its roots in the medieval days. In Sweden, traditions vary in different parts of the country but one thing is common for all – bonfires, choir concerts and a strong focus on community spirit.

Valborg i Stadsparken

In Lund’s City Park, there are two parts to Walpurgis Night – a spontaneous picnic during the day and traditional celebrations in the evening. The picnic may well be Sweden’s largest and can attract as many as 20 000-30 000 visitors. The responsibility is all yours as there is no organizer for the picnic, but we appreciate your help to keep the park welcoming to all visitors. This year, however, is very different and the celebrations are canceled:

How it works 

  • Safety: No glass bottles, bicycles, tents or furniture are allowed into the park for safety reasons. Disposable barbecues must be set on a fireproof base and not on grass.
  • It is forbidden for anyone under the age of 20 to drink alcohol in the park. Your bags may be checked and any alcohol poured out. Anyone breaking the law or involved in a fight may be registered by the police or Social Services. If you are under the age of 18 and are caught doing anything like this, your parents or another guardian will be contacted.
  • Information & water: Keep an eye out for the information stands – coloured red, blue, green and yellow- where you’ll find water, information and medical assistance.
  • Music: DJs from Radio AF turn the tables on stage from 11.00 to 15.00. Afterwards the lawn will be cleaned and prepared for the traditional celebrations.
  • Find your friends: Don’t count on the mobile connection, decide a meeting point beforehand. Use the map to find your way in the park, see link below.
  • Lost & found: At the information towers. The day after all items will be handed over to the lost & found department at the police station.
  • Getting there and home again: Many of you will be travelling at the same time, meaning it will be crowded at the station and on trains. Buy your ticket beforehand via Skånetrafiken’s apps. Their staff will help you out at Lund C.
  • Traditional celebrations: Beginning at 8.00 pm, we welcome the arrival of spring with choirs, a speech and finally, the lighting of a large bonfire.