Technical specifications for Lund City Theatre

Would you like to rent Lund City Theatre? Here you will find information regarding contacts, measurements and specifications.

If you want to rent Lund City Theatre, contact our bookingmanager:
Phone: 046-359 91 89 

The house seats a maximum of 489, including 81 on the balcony.

The stage floor measures 16 by 8 m. With a 2 m thrust stage (adding up to a total depth of 10 m.).

The proscenium arch can be adjusted between 11 and 8.5 m.

Over the stage surface are 29 counterweighted fly bars for set pieces and lighting fixtures (max 300 kg per fly bar).

There are 5 dressing rooms for a total of 20 people and a makeup room with 4 seats, all with direct access to the stage.

Below the stage there is an orchestra pit for 30 musicians.

The theatre is technically well equipped, with good lighting and sound equipment in good working order.

Measurements of the theatre:

  • Maximum proscenium width 10.98m
  • Minimum proscenium width 8.50m
  • Maximum elevation 10.55m
  • Proscenium height 5.45m
  • Distance to the first fly bar 2.55m
  • Distance between first and last fly bar 7.55m
  • Stage height 1.12m
  • Height of loading bay 3.30m
  • Width of loading bay 2.55m
  • Loading bay elevation from stage 1.78m
  • Lift by loading bay 1.75m by 2.50m

Technical coordinator

Patrik Wipp
Phone: 046-359 91 88

Biljettbyrån - Ticket sales

We have an inhouse organisation selling tickets. Free of charge we can post your event in the system of Ticketmaster and we only charge when a ticket is sold. We use our staff at the Theatre selling tickets during events.

Regarding Biljettbyrån and their services contact

Johanna Beverhjelm
Phone: 046-359 63 35

About Lund and Lund City Theater

Lund, located in the southern most part of Sweden, is home to Lund’s University that was established in 1666 and is now one of Scandinavia’s largest institutions for education and research.

Dramatic and musical theater has long been a favorite pastime for the well-educated population and Lund’s City Theater is the epicenter of the local performing arts life. Productions range from visiting avant-garde dramatic theater to locally produced crowd-pleasers like the recently featured musical Sweeney Todd.

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