leisure centers, meeting points for youth

The leisure centers in Lund municipality are located both in central Lund and in Dalby, Veberöd, Genarp and Södra Sandby.

Fritidsgårdar i Lunds kommun

Open youth activities

In Lund municipality, there are meeting places for you between the ages of 12 and 25 where you decide the content. Here you can, among other things, create art, arrange or go to concerts, participate in workshops and lectures, use dance or venue and much more.

Here you will also meet leisure leaders who support you in your projects and ideas. Contact or visit our meeting places for young people to see what you can do with us. Welcome!

Fritid Dalby

Fritid Genarp

Fritid Norra Fäladen

Fritid Linero

Fritid Södra Sandby

Fritid Veberöd

Fritid Klostergården



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