There are two outdoor skating rinks: Söderlyckans skatepark and Dalbybowlen. If you want to skate indoors, visit Östra Torngården.

Söderlyckan Skejtpark

Söderlyckans skatepark

Söderlyckan is located in Stadsparken, close to the Dairy. The skate park is 1500 square meters large with three levels of difficulty. There are also green areas, seating, evening lighting and toilets.

Gräddfilen 4
222 23 Lund
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The skate park is divided into different sections as the picture below shows.
Söderlyckans Skatepark

Rules at Söderlyckan:

  • here we show consideration and respect for each other
  • here we choose the riding surface according to ability
  • here we recommend helmet and protection
  • here we keep an eye on our children
  • here all riding takes place at your own risk
  • Smoking is not allowed here


You who ride a kickbike are also welcome. You can go in the skateboard park. Parents and visitors who do not ride themselves are asked to stay off the rides.


Biking/BMX is not allowed to be used in the Skateboard Park because it destroys the surface.

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