Excursions, out and about

There is a lot of amazing nature to discover in and around Lund. Lots of trails, easy to follow, lead you to beautiful landscape, the woods, open fields, lakes and mountain tops. Bird watching is one of your hobbies? Do not miss out on going out to Krankesjön to discover the different Swedish birds. 

Skrylle is Lund’s largest nature and recreation area and offers walks, fishing and jogging. At Skrylle, just outside Lund and easily accessible with the bus, you can either hike or exercise by yourself or participate in the activities run for young and old. There is a café there, too. 
More information: Folder about Skrylle

Along Skåneleden, the train that leads around and through Skåne (Scania) makes sure you see the best of this part of Sweden. Along the trail you can find spots for barbecues and wooden shelters. 


Park and nature

Technical Services Department

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Technical Services Department

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Visitors address: Brotorget 1, Lund
Telephone citizen centre: 046-359 75 00
E-mail: tekniska.forvaltningen@lund.se

Culture and Leisure Services Department

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